Friday, March 16, 2012

Sketchbook Mega Dump


So here's some stuff that I have just been sitting on with my sweet, sweet glutes! Basically... it's just some things I pulled out from my sketchbook and just scanned in.

It's mostly thumbnails... mostly.

I really like Dinosaurs... Don't judge meeeeh!

Here's some thumbnails I did for an animation, that is hiding somewhere:

some quick sketches of families at the park:

I really enjoy the conveyor belts at airports... They let me feel like I'm faster than Usain Bolt... or that I have the ability to beat up small children not children.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Same day Update

2 in 1 day... new record!

So here's another animatic I did, just for fun. Sorry if it starts to play with out you wanting it to... it has a mind of it's own... (booya FIXED)

Here's Dog Force One:
Red Rocket One:
A League of their Own 2: Sh*t just got real:

11 Second Club - January

So Gio once again reminded me I have a blog.

Anyways, I decided to finally participate with the 11secondclub. Was fun, especially without knowing what the heck they were saying. Anywhoo, to my surprise, I received top 11 for my submission! Haza!

My thang: